A lesson Learned

Mistakes, plenty
Jump in too fast
Bleeding heart
Living through others
Wasting time
In you I found
– what I don’t want to be
A dreadful Lost soul
Forever stuck in an alcohol induced state
Mood swings
Heart blackened,
charred from years of unattended rage
I’m Dark,
yes, I devour souls
Loving hard, living fast

You are a shallow, empty, void
Living fast
running from life
A shell of a person,
stranded in this hell you have created
Manipulating the world to bleed for you
Always Playing with fire
To your flame, I danced
Intoxicated by your presence
Before you I was naive
I thought all souls were worth saving
Then I saw behind the curtain
The abhorrent being that is your existence
I wish nothing but the best for you,
But I won’t be caught holding my breath


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